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A thematic, mid-heavyweight euro strategy game spanning the past, present, and future.

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From 250 to 25...
6 days ago – Sat, May 08, 2021 at 12:42:08 AM

Hello Friends!

Just a couple of months ago my "to-do list" for getting all of the remaining Legacies files into Gameland's hands was over 250 items long.  I'm excited to say that right now it stands around 25 and it keeps getting smaller every day.   

What's done?

ART: All of the art is finished!  I'm truly awed with how beautiful all of the art for Legacies has turned out to be.  With the art finished, we've been diligently finalizing the graphic design - making sure everything is aligned appropriately and that none of the key elements overlap anything important.  This preparation is key to make sure the manufacturer is able to recreate  all of the components as desired.  I'll admit that I originally underestimated the amount of time this step would take, but we're making excellent progress and everything should be good-to-go from the factory's point of view soon.  

NEOPRENE MAT: The neoprene mat and alternate art overlays are virtually complete. Legacies looks incredible in the nighttime! My graphic designer and I need to finalize which icons to include in the perimeter and to add more squares to the left for the scoring tiles, but I am THRILLED with how it turned out!  Since it took a while for us to finalize this, if you were on the fence about the neoprene mat and want to add it to your order - please send me a private message through KS and I'll work with you to get it added.  I've already locked in quantities with the factory but should have enough buffer to field additional requests over the next couple of weeks.

Neoprene Mat Art (graphic design nearly final)
Two of the Nighttime Art Overlays (without numbers & character icon)

NAMING: The successors have all been named.  After our last update many of you responded to our survey requesting names to go with some of our new Successors images.  I'm happy to report that I chose one of your suggestions for each of the Successor images I had shared - PLUS, I even renamed many of the other successors based on your suggestions as you had a ton of great name ideas!  If you're wondering if your suggestion made the cut, here are some of the names that are now gracing one of the Successor cards:

Voux, Antoinette, Pi, Miko, Jintro, Consuela, Sly, Ethel, Belle, Mauricio, Moystro, Starphire, Cassius, Abigail, Pandora, Cain, Yomino, Raynn, Rose, Kenny, Petra, Augustina, Cecilia, Rubix, Abe, Inara, C@L, Ruby, Amelia, Varsha, Flora, Stuart, Lazz, Shizuka, Johann, Cedric, Kragg, & Francis.

Keep in mind the successor images span the past, present, and future.  You should get a good sense from the names above which names generally correspond with which generation of images.

What's left?

Rulebook Images: Throughout all of the iterations of the rulebook we've had various icons, images, and examples.  Now that all imagery and art is final, we're making sure we don't have any "old" versions in the rulebook.

Card Alignment: With all of these reviews and tweaks of spelling, word choice, and image updates we're going through each card to make sure we didn't inadvertently overwrite, overlay, or omit any elements.

GameTrayz: Our tray design is nearly final, but there's enough uncertainty and uniqueness with component sizes that we've asked the factory to provide a "white sample" so we can physically measure everything together.  Nothing would be more frustrating than to realize we didn't account for a certain thickness variation or other element which prevented fitting all of Legacies' components snugly into the GameTrayz in the deluxe edition.  They anticipate shipping the white sample out to us late next week.

Box Bottom: We have a rough layout of the box bottom which we can begin updating shortly now that all of the images have been updated and finalized for CMYK printing.

Anything else fun to tell us about, Jason?

Not terribly "fun", but we are working through our necessary VAT and EORI registrations to be able to ship to those regions that need it in order to minimize delays and/or surprises when it comes to shipping logistics.

Other than that, I've had yet another birthday (as we all do each year)... AND am happy to report that I'm fully vaccinated.  That means I'm looking ahead to the second half of 2021 when I can meet up with many of you at gaming events and conventions as they start to resume!  Where are you planning to head as many of those cherished events start to return - bringing us back together over the gaming table?

That's it for this update.  More to come as that to-do list works its way down to (and ultimately hits) zero! 


Dotting Is and Crossing Ts
about 1 month ago – Sun, Apr 04, 2021 at 05:14:15 PM

Hello Friends!

We're fine tuning the details before putting the last pieces (cards and punchboard) in the hands of the manufacturer.  I'm not going to lie - this might be the least exciting part of the process, but it's an important one.  We're going through each detail on all of the paper products to make sure they're accurate and look good - almost literally the "dotting of the Is and crossing of the Ts".  This is the stuff that - when done well, you don't notice it at all; but if done wrong, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  


We've also been working through some of the items necessary for smooth logistics - like getting all of the paperwork in order to be able to ship Legacies to our friends in various parts of the globe.


The last pieces of art are nearly complete.  We have an extremely diverse group of successor images now to round out those which you saw during the campaign or that were part of our immortalization pledges.  Here's a sampling of new successor portraits from the future.

Sample of Successors from the Future

We've also made some tweaks to the art on the box to better reflect the passage of time and the alternate nighttime art for the neoprene mat is taking its final shape.  

Naming Successors

I want to continue to involve all of you amazing backers in shaping Legacies and have one last "ask" for the game itself before Legacies is officially printed.  I originally had names for the successors before the Kickstarter even launched (or the art was drawn), but now that I have actual images, some of them may benefit from names that weren't on my original list.  If you'd like to help name some of the successors, head to this survey and give me your best name for any (or all) of the images in this subset.  You may find YOUR suggestion matched with the face when the game lands in your hands!

I look forward to providing a more exciting update in the weeks ahead.    In the meantime, take care and stay safe.  We're nearly back at the tables together!


Pledge Manager Extended One Week (Now Closing March 7th)
2 months ago – Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 03:54:03 AM

Hello friends!  

This is a very short update.  A handful of you have reached out to see if we could push the pledge manager close date out just a bit since the massive Frosthaven pledge manager is also scheduled to close on March 1st.  

We are in fact able to accommodate that request so we'll close the pledge manager OFFICIALLY at end-of-day on March 7th.  

For those who have submitted their pledge and want to make changes (but are unable to in BackerKit), please feel free to reach out to me directly through the Kickstarter Message feature and I can assist.

The factory has returned from Chinese New Year and is ready to start working on all of the custom components (wood pieces and metal coins) this week.  I know I'm personally thrilled to see the pictures they'll share of hundreds of thousands of freshly minted coins and bars from the Bank of Legacies!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the changing weather wherever you are and know that we're yet another step closer to getting Legacies to your table!

All my best,


Pledge Manager Closing Soon
3 months ago – Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 03:45:42 AM

Hello Friends!  

We've got a relatively short update this month.  The factory is still out for Chinese New Year, but when they return next month they'll begin production of all of Legacies' custom components (wood & coins).  We had a very productive conversation with GameTrayz earlier this week about the latest changes we've agreed to with the factory so they have everything they need to finalize the tray design which we expect to see in the coming weeks.

All of the heirloom art is complete and we just have a few remaining art assets to finish.  (The last art to be finalized will be that for the add-on neoprene mat and "nighttime" overlays.)

Your feedback on the rulebook was FANTASTIC!  Thank you to everyone who took a look at the rulebook we posted in the last update and provided suggestions and corrections.  

The most important thing I wanted to share with this update is that the Pledge Manager will be closing at the end of February.  If you were on the fence about any add-ons or were a $1 backer that wanted to upgrade your pledge, you have about two weeks left to do so.  

For those of you who want to get a taste of the gameplay before you receive your physical copy, remember that we have a Legacies mod available for anyone to play on Tabletop Simulator.

Legacies got a great shoutout on a recent episode of BoardGameCo when ThinkerThemer joined the conversation and called out Legacies as their #3 anticipated Kickstarter arriving in 2021.  Thank you Amy, Maggie, and Alex!!!

Finally, I'm working on the player aid and a gameplay aid design at the moment.  If you have any suggestions or requests for the types of things you like to see featured on player aids, please feel free to share you ideas in the comments!

That's it for this month.  We hope you're staying sane and staying safe.  Expect another update soon when the pledge manager is closing.  Thanks and enjoy your weekend!


Playing by the Rules
4 months ago – Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 09:37:23 PM

Welcome to 2021!  It's a new year (hooray!!!) and I'm excited to send out an update about four aspects of Legacies: Rules, Manufacturing, Pledge Manager, & Hype.


We're ready for your feedback on the rules!  Thanks to all of the feedback many of you provided via the Legacies mod on Tabletop Simulator, we've finalized playtesting and the last tweaks to the rules.  The rulebook is virtually complete (save for a few image and/or example updates).  Here's a link to the current Legacies rulebook draft.  While we've gone through it many, many times, there are likely some aspects or errors that we've become blind to.  If you're interested we'd love some fresh eyes on the content and have set up a Google form for any rulebook feedback. Of course, you're under no obligation to do so, but if you have feedback, it'll be a lot easier for us to work through that if it's well organized.  When providing feedback, please reference the page number at the bottom corner of the page. Here is the link to the form to provide feedback.


We've given the factory the green light to move forward on all of the custom components for Legacies (wood, coins, dice, etc.) prior to Chinese New Year.  When they return, we should be ready for them to finalize their proofs of the paper products (card, punchboard, box, etc.), inserts, and neoprene mat at which point production of the remaining components will begin. 

Pledge Manager

Since manufacturing is starting for some of the components, we're going to close the Pledge Manager soon.  If you haven't yet completed your pledge / order, please make sure you complete your pledge in BackerKit by February 26th since that's when we plan to close the Pledge Manager.  (You can still change your addresses for a bit longer if needed.  We'll let you know when those need to be locked.)


BoardGameGeek has kicked off the informal Most Anticipated Games of 2021 competition and thanks to you, Legacies is already well on its way to making it into the final round of voting in multiple categories.  If you're excited to get Legacies in your hands this year, please feel free to give Legacies a "thumbs up" in the nominations by Jan. 16th!  

I hope your 2021 is off to a great start and look forward to more exciting updates over the next few months as manufacturing continues and fulfillment ultimately begins!  

All my best!