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A thematic, mid-heavyweight euro strategy game spanning the past, present, and future.

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Immortalization Pledge Level - Info Needed
over 1 year ago – Sun, Feb 09, 2020 at 11:17:02 PM

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2020 is off to a productive start!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 11:33:49 PM

Most Anticipated Games of 2020!

The new year is off to a great start and we were awed and humbled to learn that Legacies was nominated as one of the MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES of 2020 on BoardGameGeek!  If you're thrilled to get Legacies to the table, you can easily show your support!  Just click here and give Legacies a thumbs-up to help us become a finalist as one of the most anticipated games of 2020!

Pledge Manager

We are a few days away from opening the pledge manager and will send another update as soon as it launches.  The only thing we're waiting for at this point are the updated international shipping rates.  As soon as we have those we can finalize and launch the pledge manager. Note: We will be accepting late pledges.

New Cards & Character Art

We've built out many of the new cards you unlocked through the Kickstarter campaign and are playtesting them to make sure they fit in well with the rest of the cards.  Additionally, we have another character image to reveal!  Check out the Corporate Mogul and her backstory along with the Transportation Baron who you saw on the campaign page.

Corporate Mogul 

Corporate Mogul

Capitalism is the one true way to find success in the new world. The days of catering to the needs of the masses are behind us. The Corporate Mogul recognizes that the path forward lies through the wants and desires of individuals. The best gadget. The newest fad. The most ingenious device. Those are the words that captivate the public and cause them to yearn, clamor for, and demand the latest and greatest product. The Corporate Mogul delivers on the cries and imploring of the lust-driven consumers to an end that elevates her as a provider, enabler, and savior to all of those who depend on their material possessions. This position has established her as an indelible mark on the emerging movement of consumerism.

Transportation Baron

Transportation Baron

Who could have imagined that the majestic stallion would fade into oblivion thanks to water and a dirty lump of black rock that fits in the palm of one's hand? The Transportation Baron harnessed the power of steam and coal to propel mankind across land and sea at speeds unheard of in all of history. Journeys that took weeks upon weeks could now be completed in a matter of days thanks to an iron beast that never needed rest and constantly spewed clouds of smoke as it carved its way across vast distances. Not only did the Transportation Baron capitalize on new methods to move humanity faster and farther, but he found reasons to encourage both individuals and businesses alike to place their faith and their funds in these new modes of transports. The landscape would never be the same again as people no longer had to feel constrained to the soil where they first entered this world.

Immortalization Pledges

This month we'll start collecting information from the Immortalization level backers who will have their image included in every copy of Legacies.  If you backed at this level, be on the lookout for an e-mail soon asking you to submit a photo and some additional details via an online form.  As a reminder, immortalization involves having your image on one of the 60 Successor cards in Legacies. You'll have the option of being portrayed in the past, present, or future.  More details to come for those that backed at this level during the campaign. 

Excited to continue our great progress! Be on the lookout for our Pledge Manager update this month.

Talk to you soon...


The New Year, Next Steps and New Art!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 02:40:56 AM

As 2019 draws to a close, we're focused on making the most of 2020 in order to deliver this incredible version of Legacies that you helped bring to a reality! Going forward, we'll provide an update like this one every 2-4 weeks so you know how the final design steps, manufacturing, and delivery are progressing along the way.

Right now we're working with the manufacturer to shore up details on the add-ons along with updated dimensions & weights of Legacies based on all of the stretch goals that you unlocked.  Once we confirm those details we can open the pledge manager.  In the pledge manager you'll be able to confirm your reward tier (or upgrade it), select add-ons if desired, enter your address so we know where to send your game when it's ready, and pay for shipping.  We'll explain how that works in more detail when the pledge manager launches in a few weeks.

We're also working on the remaining art and the 30 new gameplay components (successors, events, and legendary figures) you unlocked in the stretch goals.  In fact, we wanted to share the latest character art (and backstory) as well as the backstory of one of the characters you saw in the campaign.

The General

The General

Planning, preparation, passion, and perseverance. Those four elements will always lead to victory. The General is always ready - whether he is on the offensive, or seemingly reeling on his heels into a defensive stance. His relentless dedication to understanding his options, anticipating actions and developing contingencies, while constantly pursuing the betterment of himself and all of those around him keeps him attuned to every nuance. He is constantly poised to respond to and/or take advantage of any situation. His belief in his ideals and love for his fellow country-folk come through in every speech - whether just before heading into battle, or rallying the troops at the end of an intense day of exercises. A steadfast belief and focus on a better tomorrow keep him and all of his followers intent on declaring victory and conquering all that stand in the way of the peoples' safety and ideals.

The Socialite

The Socialite

Sure. Father's money may have been the reason why the Socialite first garnered the attention of the press and upper class, but her wits, charm, and glamour have turned her into the center of attention, casting an occasional spare bit of light on those lucky enough to be escorting her to the grandest events. By making an art of who to know, where to be, and how to look, the Socialite has become the most recognizable face in town. While many debate the value she brings or her overall contributions to a better society, nobody can resist discussing her latest whereabouts, actions, or companions making her the most-often mentioned individual on the town's lips.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Many of us around the world (myself included) are currently celebrating holidays with family and friends.  At this time next year, I hope to see pictures of you celebrating the holidays and/or new year with your friends and families and a copy of Legacies out on the table!  Enjoy these special times and have a very happy new year!  We look forward to sharing our next update with you in 2020! 

All my best,


over 1 year ago – Fri, Dec 06, 2019 at 02:03:25 AM

Thanks to YOU, Legacies will become a reality!  We finished with 1,848 backers and over $138K raised.  You plowed through all of our planned stretch goals, gave us ideas for more, and then powered through all of the bonus goals in the final hours.  You have helped to make Legacies the best possible game it can be!

Thank you for bringing us to life!!!

Special Thanks

I want to be sure to thank several key people for getting us to this point.

  •  Yoma has been responsible not only for the art and graphic design of Legacies, but he also was the genius behind the design of and updates to our Kickstarter page throughout the campaign (as well as a provider of much sage advice to me as we navigated the various ebbs and flows of the campaign).  He is the one that has made Legacies look amazing and will be the one to thank for its fantastic table presence!
  •  George Georgeadis put together the beautiful project video that brilliantly captured the essence of Legacies and showed over 4,000 people what they could expect in a grandiose fashion (with the rich voice of Eric Summerer!)
  •  Brady Brooks has been by my side helping to playtest and showcase Legacies at a number of conventions and events.  His encouragement and pride in partnering with his dad have created many memorable father/son bonding moments
  • The content providers who put together a variety of wonderful videos and blog posts to showcase Legacies
  •  Dozens of fellow designers in and around Chicago who have provided mentorship, advice, and ideas that have helped me prepare for and execute this campaign
  •  100+ playtesters who gave their time and opinions that shaped Legacies into the game it is today 
  • and YOU! for being so active and encouraging in the comments; for going through the effort to arrange group pledges; for spreading the word about Legacies to others; for sharing ideas and ways to make Legacies even better; and for believing in and supporting our passion

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” - P.T. Barnum

You have made us happy by bringing Legacies to life.  We look forward to making you happy each time you put Legacies on your table.

Next Steps

Even though the campaign is over, we have a lot of work ahead of us to get the game to your table by next December.  You can expect regular updates along the way so you know what we're working on and how everything is progressing.   We've already noted that finalizing art, solo rules (now with the help of David Turczi!!!), and balancing will be key focus areas for us in the coming months.  Our first task, though, is to confirm the weights and packaging details for the stretch goals and add-ons so we can set up the pledge manager.  For those that backed at the Immortalization level, we'll reach out to you later this month with details on your image and successor card.

As for your next steps, our pledge manager (BackerKit) will open in a few weeks where you can provide us the details needed to get your copy to you, update your pledge level or add-ons, and pay for shipping.  In the meantime, sit back, enjoy our updates, chime in on any polls we offer, watch the preview videos again, and contemplate which character you'll choose to play first!

In our first update I asked: How will you be remembered? 

You will be remembered as 1,848 of our absolute favorite people in the world!!!

Thank you so much for bringing Legacies to life!!!

--Jason, Yoma, George, & Brady

Solo Mode Announcement + Bonus Goals!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 12:05:58 AM

We have just 15 hours left before the campaign ends at 9AM CST!  A ton of new backers have come on board and we know many more are on the fence.  That's why we're sharing these two great announcements with you!

Solo Mode Announcement

If you've been following along in the updates and comments, you know that I am very passionate about strong solo play in games and plan to focus on finalizing that aspect of Legacies while the art is being finished over the next couple of months.  I'm excited to announce that I'll be partnering with Dávid Turczi on the solo mode for Legacies!  Dávid is the amazing designer behind Anachrony & Dice Settlers - plus the latest Trickerion expansions.  He's also designed (or partnered on) solo modes in: Cerebria: The Inside World, Teotihuacan: City of Gods, Coloma, and many more!  Adding Dávid's expertise to the finalization of Legacies' solo mode is certain to make it the high quality gameplay experience that any solo gamer would be proud to tackle!

Bonus Goals

You've managed to unlock ALL of our planned stretch and legendary goals (and look like you're going to go further).  You've also been giving us great suggestions and ideas in the comments.  While we can't use all of your ideas, we did find a place for many of them in the form of Bonus Goals!  How many of THESE can you unlock in the final hours of our campaign?!?

Bonus Goals - Heirloom Card quality upgraded in all copies - unlocks at $124K

Heirlooms are precious items and this sturdier upgrade will make sure your heirloom cards hold up while you're trying to nab them from your opponents... or hoard them for yourself.

Bonus Goal - Unlock all remaining social goals! - unlocks at $128K

You have valiantly been spreading the word about Legacies and it shows by the number of backers that have made their way to the campaign!  Thank you!!! In the chance that some of the Social Goals aren't reached, this Bonus Goal is an alternative way to unlock them.

Bonus Goal - Add 6 Successors to all copies (for a total of 60) - unlocks at $132K

Successors are an absolute necessity to carry on your legacy and add a lot of interesting choices to your gameplay.  Reach this goal to unlock 6 more Successor cards bringing the total Successors in the game to 60! 

Bonus (Legendary) Goal - Deluxe editions are individually numbered! - unlocks at $135K

The final bonus goal is a legendary goal and will truly help your deluxe copy of Legacies stand out!  Unlock this and every Deluxe Edition of Legacies will be individually numbered - celebrating your contributions and key role in bringing Legacies to life!

I can't tell you how excited I am to send this update!!! We wouldn't be at this point if it wasn't for you. :-)    Let's finish strong and see if we can't make Legacies even stronger than we already possibly envisioned!!!

Still in awe...