Created by Jason Brooks

A thematic, mid-heavyweight euro strategy game spanning the past, present, and future.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cruising By Stretch Goals & Add-Ons Announced
over 1 year ago – Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 02:18:24 AM

Oh my!  In the last few hours you have been cruising through the stretch goals almost as fast as we could update the page!  We've also surpassed 1,400 backers!  Let's see what you've collectively unlocked.

Unlocked Stretch Goals

 Over the last couple of days, you've unlocked the following stretch goals which will be in ALL copies of Legacies:

  • Upgraded punchboard with a linen finish (for overlays, scoring tiles, global actions, etc.)
  • A NEW Legendary Figure which will allow you to copy the benefit of some Global Actions! plus
  • 3 NEW Successor Cards

 You've ALSO unlocked three more Legendary Goals which will be in all Deluxe Edition copies of Legacies:

  • Custom storage trays designed by GameTrayz for all Player Components
  • Bidding Cube upgrades to 14mm Custom Dice for more emphatic bidding in the trade conference
  • Foil Stamping on the box cover to help Legacies stand out and shine on your shelf 

You are so close to fully stretching Legacies!   ...and don't forget about the Social Goals... you're only 1 away from unlocking another Social Stretch Goal!


Many of you have expressed interest in potential add-ons.  We've worked to put as much great content into Legacies as possible throughout the campaign, but also recognize there are other ways you could enhance your gameplay experience.  The following 3 add-ons will be available to include in the BackerKit pledge manager after the campaign:

Dual-Layer Game Board

To show the progression through time and capture elements of inflation, you'll put overlays on the board as you cross into new centuries.  The dual-layer board will help hold those overlays in place, making it easier to place and move your pieces without having to worry about knocking over other components.  We've discussed this at length with manufacturers and worked out a design that would involve a board consisting of two pieces - each with a single fold - that would interlock together when unfolded and placed on your table. Note: the location and size of cutouts are still being determined so the image is just a concept. 

If the campaign reaches $120K, then all Deluxe Edition copies of Legacies would automatically have the game board upgraded to this Dual-Layer Game Board!

Neoprene Mat and Overlays with Alternative Art

We know many people enjoy playing on soft Neoprene Mats and we want to provide that option.  To make the experience a bit more unique, we will make a neoprene mat with a nighttime version of the art from Legacies INCLUDING a set of overlays with the nighttime theme as well.  This mat will be 2mm thick with double-stitched edges.  It will also be larger than the standard board so there will be room to put the cards and tiles on the mat that would normally be placed on the table around the perimeter of the board.  Note: The art and imagery above are meant to give an idea of the look and are not yet finalized.

144 Custom Metal Coins

 Legacies has a LOT of coins (after all, they've got to get you through three centuries!) and some of you have asked for even more coins!  This add-on will provide a complete set of 144 Custom Metal Coins at a discounted price.  Remember - if you're backing the Deluxe Edition of Legacies in this KS campaign, you're already getting one complete set of custom metal coins.

  It's truly been incredible watching the excitement and following grow for Legacies over the last 4 weeks.  Here's to a productive final 36 hours!  I can't wait to turn my focus onto finalizing Legacies so we can get this incredible experience onto your gaming table.  If you want to see a full teach and gameplay experience, Heavy Cardboard just finished streaming a 4-player game earlier this evening.  I won't tell you the result, but I will tell you that it came down to the wire and they had a blast getting there!

Talk to you soon,


Heavy Cardboard - Live Stream TONIGHT!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 02:50:22 PM

Just 48 hours left to go in the campaign!  You continue to crush the stretch goals!  We'll share more on what you've unlocked soon but wanted to provide two quick announcements:

1.) You've been asking for it and Edward and his friends have found a way to make it happen.  Tonight at 6PM CST /  7PM EST / Midnight GMT, check out YouTube where you'll find the Heavy Cardboard Live Teach & Play-through .  Watch Edward provide a teach of Legacies then join the Heavy Cardboard cast as they go through a live play-through.  I'll be participating in the comments so feel free to join and share your thoughts and questions as they give you a feel for the gameplay of Legacies!

2.) Thanks to your feedback in the polls on BoardGameGeek and Facebook, we will make a couple of add-ons available for Legacies.  As soon as we have a mockup ready, we'll share those details via an update and on the project page.

Looking forward to these last 2 days of the campaign.  I think there's a chance that you could unlock ALL of our stretch goals!

Talk to you soon & see you on the Heavy Cardboard stream tonight.


20+ Stretch Goals Unlocked!, Playthrough Video, & Add-Ons
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 12:27:41 AM

Incredible!  You've succeeded in unlocking over 20 stretch goals for Legacies!!!  With just 3 and 1/2 days left of the campaign, you have a chance of unlocking ALL of our planned stretch goals!  

All copies of Legacies will now include Level 6 Heirlooms (an extremely cool addition that will add a lot of flavor to your gameplay) while the Deluxe copies will have a thicker box to hold all of this "stretched" goodness!  The next stretch goals within your reach include:

All punchboard becomes thicker and includes a linen finish - unlocks at $87K

Overlays, Global Action Tiles, Scoring Tiles, and more are all upgraded with thicker punchboard and a linen finish!

A New Legendary Figure! - unlocks at $92K

Add a new Legendary Figure to the game with this stretch goal.  This Legendary Figure will allow you to copy the benefit of many Global Actions (as if you were the one to trigger it!)

Legendary Goal - Custom GameTrayz for Player Components - unlocks at $90K

Improve the storage solution in your Deluxe version of Legacies even further with custom-designed GameTrayz to store all of the player components!

Legendary Goal - Bidding Cubes upgraded to Custom 14mm Dice! - unlocks at $95K

Enhance your experience with the Trade Conference Global Action in your Deluxe edition of Legacies by replacing the bidding cubes with a custom 14mm die for each player!

Play-through Video

You've been asking for it and we've been working to make it happen.  Heavy Cardboard will be doing a Preview Play-through Video this Tuesday evening at 7PM EST.  


We've launched polls on Board Game Geek and Facebook to find out what add-ons you're most interested in.  Please take a minute to complete one of those polls if you're interested in adding on anything to Legacies in the pledge manager in order to enhance your experience with Legacies!  (While you're there, take a moment to subscribe or join the group to further help our progress towards our social goals!)

Let's make these last days of the campaign some of our best and biggest!  We want to make your copy of Legacies something you'll be proud to pull off the shelf for years to come.

Talk to you soon!


What a Day!!!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 01:12:18 AM

Today was our BIGGEST day since the first 48 hours of the campaign!  We now have over 1,000 backers!!!!  You are a part of something very special...

You unlocked the Legendary goal for the GameTrayz custom insert.  All deluxe copies of Legacies will include a custom-designed tray for the shared components.

You ALSO unlocked the Silk-screened investment tokens for ALL copies of Legacies. Thank you all for helping to elevate the quality of the components in Legacies.  You are going to love the final product!

Next up for stretch goals:

...and for the LEGENDARY goals (deluxe editions):

Just a few days left - let's see if we can unlock ALL of the stretch goals!  There are still a few more you have yet to reveal...

Coming soon... info about Add-Ons and a preview playthrough video from Heavy Cardboard!

Enjoy your weekend!


One Week Left, Immortalization, & Social Goals
over 1 year ago – Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 11:15:54 PM

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States and we are very thankful for YOU!  As promised, we have a quick update today!

Immortalization Pledge Levels  

TEN more Immortalization Pledge spots available

We have opened up TEN more spots of the Immortalization Pledge Level.  If you were yearning to get YOUR likeness into Legacies as a Successor, now is your chance to upgrade your pledge!  Note: Once these are gone, we will not be adding any more.  (How many of you figured out from the hints that this would be coming at 9 AM today?)

Social Goal Progress  

Social Goals

Don't forget about the Social Goals!  You've already unlocked extra content by hitting 3 of them and are well on your way to unlocking more!  Here's where we stand on each of the social goal categories.

  • BGG subscribers - 374 (just 26 away from the next level!)
  • Facebook members for Legacies Board Game Group - 205 
  • Twitter followers for Brookspun Games - 228 
  • KS Backers - 982 

With just a week left in the campaign, let's see if we all can't get the word out to more great gamers who would love to have Legacies on their table!  Feel free to use any of the avatars at the bottom of the campaign page!

We'll share more over the weekend.  For those that are celebrating Thanksgiving,  if you're together with family find out what some of YOUR family's heirlooms are and share them in the comments.  Who has the most "interesting" heirloom?

Talk to you soon!