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A thematic, mid-heavyweight euro strategy game spanning the past, present, and future.

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900+ Backers , Stretch Goal Update, & More Art/Backstory
over 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 01:19:10 AM

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!  

I am extremely grateful that you (along with 900+ of your newest friends) are a backer of Legacies!  With just a few days to go in the campaign, time is running out to spread the word and continue unlocking great stretch goals to make the game even better.  

Stretch Goals Update

You've now unlocked 16 stretch goals - an incredible number!  The fame marker has been upgraded to a star and now ALL copies of Legacies will have custom resource tokens... with the wooden tokens in the deluxe copies standing out with silk screening.

Some impressive stretch goals now await.  Help us add new friends to the campaign soon so we can unlock these:

Silk Screened Investment Tokens - unlocks at $77K

Never forget how many shares you're buying or selling with your minor and major investment tokens when you unlock this stretch goal at $77K.  At that point, all investment tokens will be silk screened to highlight how many shares each token represents.

Ten Level 6 Heirloom Cards - unlocks at $82K

Heirlooms are generally objects you take pride in and are happy to show off and celebrate!  Reach $82K to find out why each character has a 2-sided board and the REAL reason they can be used to play underhanded.  That dark secret isn't something they want to advertise so these Level 6 Heirlooms should be kept close.  Who knows what would happen if they were to end up in the wrong hands...

Legendary Goal: Custom Shared Resource Tray - unlocks at $75K

Deluxe copies unlock a fantastic custom tray by GameTrayz for the shared components at $75K!

Legendary Goal: Silk Screened Player Trackers - unlocks at $80K

At $80K, deluxe copies will have their fame, foundation, and player markers upgraded with silk screening!

The Characters of Legacies: The Inventor & The Philosopher

We wanted to share a bit of history on two more characters in Legacies - the Inventor and - by popular demand - the Philosopher... both of whom happen to influence the industry of Science.

The Inventor

Voila! Humanity has been surrounded with the building blocks upon which amazing discoveries have either simply lay dormant or have come to fruition by chance and the mere passing of epochs. The Inventor sees through the simplicity and normalcy of these everyday objects with an understanding and vision for how to transform them into something that will advance and fundamentally accelerate the overall progress of humanity. Her intellect dwarfs that of all around her, yet she finds a way to communicate her visions and findings for even the biggest simpleton to comprehend. Over the course of a mere decade, her discoveries have not only changed the execution of everyday life within her own city, but that of locations halfway across the world. As soon as one advancement is made, she simply documents and distributes her findings before tackling the next challenge or idea in front of her.

The Philosopher

Humans are predictable and can be defined by a few basic tendencies. An individual's decisions are not free will, but simply a likely outcome of a predisposition based on ancestry and environmental factors. The Philosopher has written tomes on the innate motivations of humans, those that have been unclear and obscured with individuals throughout history, but evidenced in totality by the actions of the masses. The musings and teachings of the Philosopher have painted individual behaviors and actions in a new light which has provided a blueprint for a richer interaction between every individual while also serving as a cautionary tale for those that choose to ignore the ingrained tendencies of the population as a whole.


Remember that THIS THURSDAY, Thanksgiving Day, we are opening up TEN (10) more Immortalization pledges - allowing us to include more of YOU in the game.  See the previous update (#8) for a few hints as to what time of day those will become available.  Once they are gone, they're gone.

Enjoy your week!


Videos, Pledge Level Reveal, & Solo Mode
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 12:33:02 AM

You continue to amaze me with your engagement, excitement, and enthusiasm. Thanks to you, Legacies is going to be GREAT! I'm thrilled to share a few updates on areas you've been asking about.


We're excited to announce TWO new videos for Legacies.

Our friends at Man Vs Meeple just rolled out their "5 Most Intriguing Things About Legacies" video today which is a great, concise synopsis of the most unique aspects of the game! Check it out at the top of the KS page or on the Man Vs Meeple channel and share it with your friends.

Thanks to Rahdo and many of YOU, we were able to connect with Edward at Heavy Cardboard as well. They are playing Legacies this weekend so you should have another thorough playthrough video to watch at some point next week!

Stretch Goals

Since our last update, you unlocked your first Social Stretch Goal. The votes are in and you chose to unlock 9 New Event Cards! The character reveal you voted for will be shared soon. In the meantime, here's a list of ALL of the stretch goals you've unlocked so far. Remember, the Stretch Goals and Social Goals affect all copies of the game while the Legendary Goals only affect the Deluxe editions.

Unlocked Stretch Goals

And here are the new goals you've revealed:

Fame Tracker Upgrade - unlocks at $66K

Hit $66K to turn those mini-meeples into nice big STARS to track your fame progress throughout the game.

Custom Resource Upgrade - unlocks at $70K

Reach $70K and those custom resources from the earlier Legendary Goal will become a part of ALL copies of Legacies. Don't worry, though because the Deluxe version will remain even more tricked out at $70K with the Legendary Goal of… Snazzy looking silk-screened wooden resources!

Legendary Goal: Custom Resources Upgraded to Silk-Screened - unlocks at $70K

…and some of you noticed the sneak peek of a special Legendary Goal coming a bit quicker than normal at $75K…

Legendary Goal: Custom Shared Resource Tray - unlocks at $75K

That's right, GameTrayz! Thanks to your feedback, we've added a Legendary Goal at $75K to include a custom tray by GameTrayz for the shared components in the game.

And don't worry… if you're able to achieve these quickly, we still have a LOT more possible stretch goals up our sleeve. Keep spreading the word to help us reveal them sooner rather than later!

Pledge Level Reveal

The Immortalization pledge level got snatched up VERY quickly on Day 1 and many of you have asked about it. We are truly thankful to have so many of you interested in and passionate about bringing Legacies to fruition. As a result, we are going to open TEN (10) more Immortalization pledges - allowing us to include more of YOU in the game. The new pledge level will be added on Thanksgiving Day (for our friends outside of the US, that's next Thursday). As for what time we'll launch the new pledge, you'll need to figure that out from clues. You may be sad that we're not telling you outright, but I am happy to give you a couple of hints (although our German backers may already no when it will be).

  • In the event you're wondering about the play times, all you need to do is look back at our history. The answer can be found there (yet some of you may be divided in your opinions - likely evenly).
  • Others may pledge not to bother and just keep refreshing the page as much as possible next Thursday. That would work too.

Solo Mode

Many of my favorite memories are from playing great games with friends or family around a table. There are times, though, when I choose to pull out a game and tackle it by myself. I appreciate solo gaming experiences just as much as the shared experience over a table. That's why it's critical to me that Legacies has a solid solo mode that gives you a challenging opponent to go head-to-head against for those times when you are itching for a game, but happen to be the only one around (or interested) at the time.

In Legacies Solo Mode, you'll face off against two opponents: a Rising Star and a Nemesis. If you watched Rahdo's video, you saw how the Rising Star (or what he called the "shadow opponent") affects gameplay. It makes relationships, buys and sells investments, and acquires heirlooms. It gets in your way and affects the world, but not in a big enough way that you need to keep score for it. The Nemesis, however, is an opponent that does all of the same things as a Rising Star, but it ALSO triggers Global Actions, collects resources, chooses event outcomes, selects scoring tiles, builds its foundation, AND amasses Fame! The Nemesis is a worthy opponent that has just enough unpredictability that you can never be too sure how things will unfold and must constantly keep an eye on her.

Both the Nemesis and Rising Star are driven by the Solo Cards. Each Century has its own set which you'll use to reveal the choices of the Nemesis and Rising Star. (See examples below - NOTE: Yoma hasn't worked his graphic design/art magic on this yet so these will look much better when finalized!)

Solo Cards (graphic design not final)

The left-hand side of each card shows which row to resolve based on the number of cards played for that opponent this generation. The middle of each card shows choices that opponent will consider. The right-hand side of each card shows which card (if any) the opponent consumed from the card market. My overarching design principle for the solo cards is that they're easy to execute, but variable enough to not be "predictable".

The solo card design is working very well. I'm still, however, tuning the balance and the sequencing of choices for your relentless (yet not-very-witty) card-driven opponents. When it's finalized, the "standard" solo game will consist of one Nemesis and one Rising Star while the "standard" 2-player game will consist of one Rising Star. The "advanced" solo game will tackle two Nemeses while the "advanced" 2-player game will replace the Rising Star with a Nemesis. Lots of fun options for tackling your non-human opponents!

One more thing…

This was a long update. If you made it this far - CONGRATS! I'll give you one more hint for the timing of the additional Immortalization pledge level opportunities. The most obvious hint is not in this update, but will definitely be in the next one!

Talk to you soon!


Social Stretch Goal #1 UNLOCKED! - Time to VOTE!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 11:49:17 PM

Well done! You've met 3 of the social goals!  

Social Goal Progress

As a result, you've unlocked one of the available Social Stretch Goals.

Social Stretch Goal Options

Click here to cast your vote in the poll we've created on BoardGameGeek - OR - comment on this update to cast your vote.  We'll share the results in a couple of days so be sure to vote soon!

Keep sharing the project to unlock more!  (And if you cast your vote on BGG, but haven't yet subscribed - now's a good time to do so to get us even CLOSER to achieving another social goal...)


750+ Backers, Art/Backstories, & Rulebook Translations
over 1 year ago – Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 11:18:07 PM

You continue to amaze me!  Two weeks ago, I was nervous and excited about launching Legacies on Kickstarter - wondering what the reception might be.  At this point we have over 750 backers and continue to steadily add to our list of those eager and excited to receive their copy of Legacies. I'm thrilled to have each and every one of you on board and appreciate the comments and messages that you continue to share.  All of you are helping to make the game better and spread the word about Legacies. I can't thank you enough!  Speaking about "making Legacies better" and "spreading the word"...

Social and Stretch Goals

You are VERY close to unlocking the first social stretch goal!  For every three social goals you achieve, you unlock a social stretch goal (to be voted on by ALL of you: 1 new legendary figure, 3 new successors, or 9 new event cards). 

Social Goals (2 Achieved!)

You are also very close to achieving a third social goal in "150 Facebook members for Legacies Board Game group"!  Feel free to use any of the avatars we included at the bottom of the KS page to share your enthusiasm for Legacies.

Promoter Avatar

From a stretch goal standpoint, you have also nearly unlocked the next Legendary Goal - the Tri-Layer Player Board!  Will you unlock it by this time tomorrow? I hope so because the next stretch goals continue to be even more exciting (and may even be driven by some of your feedback!).


The most impactful legacies have their stories told in a wide variety of languages spanning the globe.  We want your experience with Legacies to transcend language as well.  Based on the requests we've received so far, we our excited to commit to having the rulebook translated into: Italian, French, & German.  A link to the translated rulebooks will be sent via Kickstarter updates after the campaign ends AND posted on our BGG page before distribution begins.  

If you are interested in rulebook translation in a language not listed above, you can still cast your vote by sending us a message through Kickstarter or posting in the comments.

The Characters of Legacies: The Promoter & The Underworld Boss

Legacies has TEN playable characters and you've already gotten a glimpse of five of them throughout the campaign.  Here's the background on one that's been front and center - the Promoter.   

The Promoter

The noblest art is that of making other people happy. As a young teen, the Promoter recognized the need of the common man to find something to celebrate, to cheer, to sing praises to… Whether an unthinkable accomplishment of nature, an heroic feat of physical prowess, or a comical topsy-turvy experience of reality - the Promoter finds a way to enrapture his audience while inspiring amazement and awe in the most extraordinary ways. Money can't make its way fast enough from the pockets of the masses into those of the Promoter as act after act draws the ooohs and aaahs that humanity is so eager to express in order to escape the mundane grind of the every day.

And here's a reveal of a character you have NOT yet seen - the Underworld Boss!

The Underworld Boss

 Societal norms be damned. People have a dark side… a longing to be non-conformists…. Urges that can't always be subdued. Success and fame don't have to come by traditional means. Succumbing to one's animalistic, natural instincts can lead to results that benefit the fittest, the strongest, the best. The Underworld Boss speaks this innate language and knows how to leverage it to her advantage. Even the most pious and devout are no match for her cunning, her lure, and her dominance. Fame doesn't have a singular path and definition. Infamy has been and always will be a path along which one might build a legacy and the Underworld Boss demonstrates that - as if she alone owns that path to notoriety.

Coming Soon

Later this week, we'll share more details about solo gameplay, reveal another character, and... make a special pledge level announcement (feel free to post your guesses in the comments!) :-)   

Thank you so much for being a key part of bringing this project to reality!


700+ Backers - 9 Stretch Goals Unlocked!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 01:24:13 AM

You are incredible!

We are 1/3 of the way through the campaign and you've already found a way to unlock 9 great stretch goals!  Wow!!!  I'm so amazed and appreciative at the excitement around Legacies.  It's what every creator hopes for and I'm thrilled to be able to provide you with the great gameplay that Legacies has to offer.  

You and 700+ of your new friends have ALSO already achieved one of the social goals and are well on your way to unlocking the first social stretch goal! If you haven't already done so, now is a great time to pick one or more of the social goals that appeal to you and get us one step closer to achieving it. 

As we enter the weekend, you have two revealed stretch goals which I can't WAIT for you to unlock.  Each of these are big ones that I know you'll enjoy and appreciate.  

Relationship Tokens upgraded to custom shape and silk screened - unlocks at $57K

When you reach $57K, ALL copies of Legacies will be upgraded with these custom-shaped silk-screened relationship tokens!

Legendary Goal - Upgrade player board to Tri-layer board! - unlocks at $60K

When you reach $60K, the Deluxe Copies of Legacies will have Tri-Layer Player Boards with recessed spaces on BOTH sides of the board for your player tokens.  This is a very unique component in games and one that we would be extremely proud to include in your deluxe copy of Legacies!

Thank you again for helping us reach this point.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section.  We look forward to being by your side as the campaign continues to grow and more excited gamers join our journey to make Legacies the best possible game it can be!

Have a great weekend and be sure to do something you enjoy - whether it's something that simply makes you happy or whether its something that helps to further cement your own legacy.