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A thematic, mid-heavyweight euro strategy game spanning the past, present, and future.

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Relish your Relationships!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 01:54:41 AM

Relationships are a valuable part of Legacies (and of real life)!  We have two ways for you to capitalize on yours while helping to make Legacies bigger and better: Group Pledges & Social Goals!

Group Pledges

When you tell your friends how excited you are about Legacies, odds are they've expressed interest in getting a copy for themselves!  We want to make sure none of your friends feel left out of this Kickstarter by providing a group pledge option.  If you want to obtain more copies of Legacies (either as a gift, or as part of a group purchase), you may add additional copies to your pledge at a $5 discount. For example, if you have a deluxe pledge for $99 and want two additional copies, you'd change your pledge amount to $287 ($99 + $94 + $94).  Additional games will also help reduce your shipping costs.  We've updated the shipping table to give you estimates on those as well.  

We do have two requirements for group pledges.

1.) All additional participants in the group pledge must back at the $1 level (which will be credited back to the group pledge in the pledge manager).  This allows us to communicate directly with all backers via updates while also supporting our social goals.

2.) Additional copies must be of the same type as the original pledge.  Group pledges should not attempt to mix deluxe editions with the standard editions.

Note: All copies in a group pledge will be sent to a single address when fulfilled.  Shipping cost will be calculated and charged in the pledge manager AFTER the campaign.

Social Goals

We are working hard to spread the word about Legacies and we'd love your help!  As incentive, we have THREE stretch goals for you to unlock through a number of social channels.  For every 3 of the following 10 social goals you achieve, you will unlock ONE social stretch goal to be included in all copies of Legacies.  You will even get to CHOOSE which stretch goal is unlocked each time through a backer poll.  The available social stretch goals are:

A.) One (1) new Legendary Figure

B.) Three (3) new Successor Cards

C.) Nine (9) new Event Cards

The 10 social goals to work towards are:

We even have some great looking avatars at the bottom of the campaign page for you to leverage as you spread the word.  

Stretch Goals

Since our last update, you've unlocked the Upgraded Player Board which means every copy of Legacies will have thicker player boards with a linen finish!  You've also unlocked the Foundation marker upgrade changing the buildings to the custom-shaped Piggy Banks! You're truly making the game better and more unique.  Our upcoming stretch goals enhance gameplay and components even further:

Add 10 Level 0 Heirloom Cards - unlocks at $52K

Heirlooms are an extremely important part of building your legacy. It can be very difficult to win without acquiring any.  Achieve this stretch goal to unlock 10 NEW heirloom cards.  These would be "Level 0" heirlooms.  New players or those who like to start a bit ahead of the curve would start the game with their own character's "Level 0" heirloom in their acquired heirlooms.  That would mean you're guaranteed to benefit whenever an opponent triggers the "Generate Heirloom Income" global action and will have a passive source of additional gold without having to take additional actions to lock it in.

Relationship Tokens upgraded to custom shape and silk screened - unlocks at $57K

This update is all about relationships so we're excited that we get to reveal this stretch goal now.  Unlock this to replace the 36 relationship cylinders in all copies of the game with 36 custom handshake-shaped silk-screened relationship tokens!    You will make relationships frequently in Legacies and with these upgraded tokens, it will be as if you can feel the other person's hand closing around yours as you seal the deal - creating an agreement to span generations.

Don't forget that we're also working toward this Legendary Goal for all Deluxe copies:  

Legendary Goal: Silk Screen Industry Marker Upgrade - unlocks at $50

...and 3 More Cool Updates!

1. Today, the Dice Tower posted their Dice Tower Preview Video of Legacies.  Check it out to hear Mark & Randy discuss many of their favorite features of the game.   

2. Our friends at Gozer Games created the great-looking 3D printed investment tokens you've seen in all of the preview videos.  They're entering the last week of their KS project for a very cool 3D-printed storage solution for Tapestry .  Be sure to check it out if you own or plan on purchasing Tapestry.

3. If you're interested in a bit of backstory on Legacies, Pete Douglas posted a Q&A on Zatu Games where I talked about the making of Legacies.

Later this week, we'll provide additional details on rulebook translations, and possibly, some art updates!

Talk to you soon!


First Legendary Goal - ACHIEVED!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 01:40:19 AM

Congratulations! You've unlocked the first LEGENDARY GOAL!   

Legendary Goal: Custom Resources - UNLOCKED!

All of the deluxe copies of the game will now be enhanced to include custom resource shapes instead of the standard resource cubes.  Along the way, you also unlocked three new successor cards and upgraded all cards to 310 gsm black core for both the standard and deluxe pledge levels!

Newly Revealed Stretch Goals

Your momentum has also revealed exciting NEW stretch goals! 

Building Markers upgraded to custom Piggy Bank Markers - unlocks at $46K

The characters in Legacies all aspired for greatness from childhood.  They proudly socked away funds in their piggy banks with visions of one day leveraging those savings to amass their future fortune and fame.  The foundations that you will diligently pump gold into throughout your plays of Legacies stem from those early life behaviors.  Now you can track your foundation size and turn order with these custom Piggy Bank markers paying homage to your foresight in adolescence. 

...and a new Legendary Goal!

Legendary Goal: Silk Screen Industry Marker Upgrade - unlocks at $50K

When this Legendary Goal is unlocked, all deluxe copies of Legacies will have the standard Industry Markers with stickers upgraded to Silk Screened Industry Markers.  This will help each marker stand out even more as you're pushing your influenced industries boldly up the investment track.

Retail Pledges

We've had many inquiries about the retail options of Legacies.  For any BRICK & MORTAR retailers that are interested in Legacies, we've added a Retailer pledge level of $100.  Any Retailer interested in copies of Legacies should back at this pledge level as a deposit.  We will then contact you to verify your retailer status and discuss pricing.  At this time, this Kickstarter campaign is the only planned print run of Legacies so this is your best chance to get copies of the game for your customers.

Our next update will include details on Group Pledges and Social Goals - after all, a big part of Legacies involves relationships - we'll talk about how you can leverage yours to make the game even bigger and better!

Thanks a ton and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Early Stretch Goals UNLOCKED!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 08:46:11 PM

Wow!  Day 2 was productive!  Not only did we fund in less than 24 hours (how awesome is that?!?), but over 450 of you have worked together to unlock the first two stretch goals!  

Unlocked Stretch Goals

New Benefactor Legendary Figure - UNLOCKED!
Linen Finish on All 300+ Cards - UNLOCKED!

The Benefactor Legendary Figure will now appear in all of your games AND all 300+ cards will have a lovely linen finish.  Nice work!

As you unlock stretch goals, that means we get to REVEAL new stretch goals as well!  

Revealed Stretch Goals

3 New Successor Cards - unlocks at $34K

Successors are a crucial part of the game as they influence your gameplay while active.  If you want a legacy that lasts for centuries, you need to find the right successors to carry forward your name and your vision.  When this stretch goal unlocks, we'll add 3 more unique successor cards to the game - increasing the total Successor cards to 45.

Upgrade all 300+ cards to 310 gsm Black Core - unlocks at $38K

There are a LOT of cards in Legacies.  When we unlock this stretch goal, we'll be able to upgrade all cards in the game to a stronger 310 gsm Black Core.  Coupled with the linen finish you've already unlocked for the cards, this quality upgrade would add just the right heft and stiffness to remind you that you're building a legacy to last!  

Thicker Player Boards with Linen Finish - unlocks at $42K

Your Player Board highlights your character and its where you watch the aspects of your legacy unfold like your successors and acquired heirlooms.  When this stretch goal unlocks, all player boards will be upgraded to a thicker material with a linen finish to help them stand out even further on the table.

and don't forget our current Legendary Goal

Legendary Goal: Custom Resources - unlocks at $40K

We have dozens of juicy stretch goals planned so the more people we can make aware of Legacies, the higher our funding will grow and the more stretch goals you'll unlock!  To help broaden awareness, we'll be revealing some social media stretch goals soon.

Group Pledges, Retail Pledges, and Translations

Many of you have reached out about group or retail pledges as well as translation opportunities for Legacies.  We're putting together a plan for all three of those items and will share details on each of them in one of the next updates.  Don't be shy.  Keep your questions and ideas coming. We want to make sure we know what you're looking for from Legacies and from the campaign!

Now how quickly can we plow through these new stretch goals?


How will you be remembered?
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 06, 2019 at 07:11:42 PM

You will be remembered as 350+ of our absolutely favorite people!  Thanks to YOU, Legacies has funded in less than 24 hours!!! 

Legacies is Funded!

We are thrilled and humbled all at once to know that you are as excited about experiencing Legacies as we are about getting the chance to put it on your gaming table.  Now that we all know Legacies will be made, it's time to focus on making the game even bigger and better!  How?

Stretch Goals

You may have noticed the first couple of stretch goals shown on the project page which will be included in all copies when unlocked.  

A new Legendary Figure - the Benefactor - unlocks at $28K

The Benefactor will be a hotly contested relationship when he's in your game.  Growing your foundation is a very important part of creating your legacy and the Benefactor is quite generous in adding to yours.  Since your foundation converts to fame at the end of the game and ALSO determines turn order each generation, it's an aspect you'll want to be sure you don't neglect.  

Linen Finish on ALL 300+ cards - unlocks at $30K

The linen finish will provide a satisfying textural feel when holding your multi-use player cards, deliberating between a pair of awesome successors, or picking up your opponent's heirloom so you can start racking up fame from their influenced industries.

Now that we're funded, we can also tell you about... 

Legendary Goal: Custom Resources - unlocks at $40K

the upcoming Legendary Goal! When a Legendary Goal is achieved, it will enhance the contents of the Deluxe Edition. 

The first Legendary Goal will replace the 48 resource cubes in the Deluxe Version with custom wooden dye, gear, and iron resources as well as acrylic gems.  These thematic shapes will further immerse you in the world of Legacies as you spend three gears, two iron, and a gem to acquire the Inventor's Level 5 Heirloom - the Time Machine!

One of the most effective ways to reach these stretch goals is to let others know about the campaign.  Please feel free to share a link to the Kickstarter page with your friends, family, and social network.  Let them know what excites you about the game and feel free to tag us so we can be the first to like your post! (Brookspun Games on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)

Questions and Ideas?

One of the aspects we love about Kickstarter is the fact that you can help influence the final product in order to make it better!  Please feel free to ask any questions or share any ideas via the comments or direct messages to me.  Those that have done so already can vouch for the fact that we're very responsive.

Still in awe!

We can't thank you enough for getting us to this point.  We look forward to continuing this journey with you - not just for the duration of the campaign, but up to the moment the game is on your table... and even then we want to continue to hear about your experiences with Legacies, your epic moments, and the stories that you weave as you build your legacy.


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